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Convenience, versatility, performance, and compatibility are just a few highlights in our dossier of reasons why Mix 30 is our primary nutritional supplement. We are a five-generation deep seed stock operation located in some very unforgiving and unpredictable country. Having included liquid feeds in our program for over 40 plus years, has given us the opportunity to sample and verify results of other brands. To date, no other has given us the per pound power of Mix 30. All classes of cattle respond and perform in the upper range of their capability. Body condition, reproductive performance, overall health, forage digestibility, and pounds of gain are all brought to the peak with a very economical amount of product. We like our cattle to not only be very eye appealing, but also keep the bottom line in black ink. Other types of supplements have been tried over time, but with disappointing results. Regardless of environment, range conditions, or feed-stuffs, MIX 30 has the ability to keep profitability built into our program, as we progress to the future.