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"Jim" James Timberlake

Jim’s knowledge in merchandising feed ingredients is built from over 50 years of experience. He takes pride in his ability to move thousands of tons of ingredients while processing up-to-the-minute marketing resources. What does this mean to you as a customer? SAVINGS! Jim’s commitment to excellent service through forward contracting and large quantity purchases keeps Mix 30 consistent and affordable for the customers.

Jim stays on the cutting edge of the nutritional products available across the U.S.A.

To Jim, “It’s all about taking care of the customer”.

1961 – University of Illinois B.S. Animal Science

Let’s look in the office…

Pat Collins

On any given day, Pat Collins is scanning this great nation locating the liquid co-products used in Mix 30. With over 37 years of experience you are guaranteed he’s great at his job!

The POWER of Mix 30 is evident when you talk with Pat. His passion is in the mix.

Pat’s research includes herd reproductive success and the protein and energy needed to bred back and give your calves a great start. He’s committed to your ROI!

Pat has enjoyed the years of research that goes into every Mix 30 batch and prides himself in delivering a consistent high- quality liquid supplement.

1977 – Illinois State University B.S. Animal Science

Rod Hartzold

Rod is the go-to man for all things moving at Mix 30. From product formulation & production, to supporting the sales team, to overseeing new facility construction, Rod keeps it moving forward.

Rod’s experience includes sales and the management of a large hog, grain,hay and cattle feedlot operation. His easy way of talking assures you he CAN and WILL do whatever it takes to support Plains States Commodities, LLC.

1980 – Illinois State University B.S. Agriculture

Product Distribution

Rob Tucker

Manages the entire distribution system. He helped build it over the last 26+ years.

  • Inbound ingredients
  • Outboard Customer orders
  • Inventory levels
  • Forecasting current projection inventory

His talents keep Mix 30 flowing.

1994 – Millikin University B.A.


Josh Click

Logistics Specialist Truck & Rail. Josh processes every customers order and schedules deliveries.


Mae Hilby

We applaud Mae’s 38+ years of working alongside Jim Timberlake and with the Accounting department. Her commitment to excellence can be seen in her dedication to Plains States Commodities LLC.

Nancy Arlington

Invoice Specialist

Carrie Edmondson

Accounting Specialist


Sales Team

Zach Rincker

Sales Manager Northern & Midwest Territory


Andy Jones

Sales Manager Southern and Eastern

 AR, AL, LA, MS, GA, FL, TN, KY, SC, NC, VA, WV, MD, DE, NJ, PA, NY, CT, RI, MA, NH, VT, and ME

Mike Prescott

Sales Manager Northwest and Midwest


Support Team

Mike Georgen                 Business Operations

A team of talented individuals work behind the scenes to create a consistent high quality product.


MIX 30 is available across the U.S.A.

Travis Hopkins               Information Technology

John Scott

Delivan Cox

Ray Panting