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Getting Started with MIX 30

It’s easy to become a MIX 30 customer. Simply locate your dealer using the convienent Find Your Dealer tab on the menu above and arrange a time to have a delivery of MIX 30 brought to you or go to your dealer and fill up your totes, containers or purchase a jug depending on your needs. There are also 150 and 300 gallon lick wheels and open top tanks available. Find YOUR DEALER and give them a call!

Beef operation

MIX 30 can be fed free-choice or mixed in a grain ration. The high energy of MIX 30 keeps cows in optimum condition and increases calf weight gain, especially as forage quality decreases. MIX 30 is low in starch and sugar making it an excellent addition to any forage-based diet. Unlike other liquid feeds that contain high levels of urea, MIX 30 is safe to feed in open top tubs or tanks without fear of digestive upset. In addition, the fat in MIX 30 provides a concentrated source of linoleic fatty accid, an important nutrient in beef cow nutrition. Producers feeding MIX 30 can expect intakes of 1 to 4 pounds/head/day depending on body condition and forage condition.




Creep Feeding? Simply top dress or include MIX 30 in your ration mix. It can be fed to calves to supplement the cow’s milk when necessary. In many situations calves are fed MIX 30 before weaning and then after they are weaned. The calves become familiar with the taste while still on the cow. This eliminates the lag perior that typically occurs during the stressful weaning time. Producers can expect intakes of 1/4 to 1/2 pounds/head/day in creep situations.

Feeding sheep or goats try top dressing their rations.

Feeding Deer? Super simply just attach a container in the area they normally visit. They will help themselves.