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Featured Dealer

Leaning B Farm, LLC

Burt, Judy & Elli Faith Boyd began using MIX 30 in 2011 as customers. In April of 2016 they made the decision to purchase the business from their dealer.  Ever since their purchase of the dealership sales have constantly increased.  In the past year, Leaning B Farms has sold over 1,200 tons of MIX 30!  One of the key components to the business is the golden rule, they try to treat their customers with the same respect that they would want to be treated

Here is what the Boyd’s have to say:

Taking care of customers with the best possible customer service is what it is all about to the Boyd’s. We here at Leaning B Farm are not only dealers, but users. We have been pleased with MIX 30 and we feed it year-round. We feed it in open top and 4-Wheel lick feeders. We have peace of mind knowing that our cattle have a readily available source of nutrition/protein available to them at all times. We have found that the High-Fat content in MIX 30 gives our cattle the energy they need under various circumstances and helps keep their body condition at an optimum level.

MIX 30 says THANK YOU Leaning B Farm,LLC – Burt,Judy & Elli Faith Boyd Summit,MS!