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Mix 30 liquid feed is a “high energy” protein supplement created from a combination of corn and soy-based co-products.

 MIX 30 is very versatile and convenient to use. Producers of all ruminants, including deer can feed free choice in open top containers or mix it into rations. Deer benefit from the nutritional aspects of MIX 30, which may be lacking in their normal diets.  Spring and summer are ultimate times for replenishing after a long winter and a key growth time for whitetails at all stages of life. Bucks are growing their antlers, which are comprised mostly of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, iron and zinc. Lower concentrations of these key minerals in a buck’s diet can lead to delayed velvet shedding and antler growth. When bucks are provided with Mix 30, they have the opportunity to grow stronger racks.

The added bonus Mix 30 offers is convenience. Fill a tank and make it available year-round to strengthen your herd.