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What is Mix 30?

Mix 30 Liquid Feed is a “high energy” protein supplement created from a combination of corn and soy based co-products.

Plains States Commodities, LLC is the only company that mixes this exact protein and energy combination of nutrient-rich ingredients for all ruminant diets.

Mix 30 is the result of blending and researching 60 different combinations of ingredients. Two blends were finally chosen after extensive field trials and from those two outstanding blends #30 was the absolute winner! It was the ideal ingredient combination providing benefits in all segments of the cattle industry.

Mix 30 was developed as an alternative to the traditional molasses-urea liquid feed. Most liquid fermentation co-products are lacking nutritionally. Plains States Commodities, LLC combines ingredients in a manner that overcomes these inadequacies. In addition to their nutritional inadequacies liquid fermentation co-products are also very inconsistent.

Mix 30 was developed as a versatile economic feeding solution. Our focus has always been on producing a palatable, nutritionally superior and more consistent product than the individual ingredients available. We employ large batch technology to assure a consistent product is delivered to you with each load.

MIX 30 Plus Ingredients