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Howard Rambur

Howard Rambur – Rambur Charolais – Sidney, MT

” MIX 30 has been fed at Rambur Charolais since 1994. MIX 30 has done more than just be a supplement. We have used the MIX 30 product to seal silage piles, supplement on pastures and used it as a ration conditioner in our feedlot and bull test. Not only did it bind all of our feed ingredients together, but it also added a boost of protein and a tremendous amount of fat to the diet. Since using MIX 30 on the cow herd we have seen healthier and more aggressive calves at birth. I believe that comes from the Fat in the MIX 30!  This is one product that will be here and fed indefinitely and that is MIX 30! “

Faye Smith

Faye Smith – Goodspring, Tennessee

” My husband has been using MIX 30 on our cows approximately 3 years and he sells now in Minor Hill, TN. He says it really makes a difference with our calving seasons (stronger & healthier calves) and also our cows are healthier than before. “


Frank Krentz Douglas, Arizona

Dear Joe,

“In the Southwest desert, I rely on the MIX 30 and its high energy to help get my cattle bred-back on brown grass and keep them in good condition in order for them to travel to the monsoons and fresh feed.

By incorporating the MIX 30 I am able to use dry grass that cattle wouldn’t normally eat. The high fat gives my cows the energy they need. I deliver MIX 30 to customers who know that quality feed like MIX 30 can benefit their small herds.”


Jones Cattle Company – Andy and Jac Jones, Pontiac, Illinois

“As a family owned business, my brother and I find MIX 30 to be a large contributing factor in increasing our conception rates. We have consistently had conception rates in the 85%-95% range on our A.I. and E.T. program.  Additionally, by making MIX 30 available year-round it allows our cows to somewhat manage themselves and go get the nutrients they need, when they need them, which fits well with our busy work and travel schedule.”