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If you raise ruminant livestock, then you will want to consider adding MIX 30 to your nutritional program. It has many advantages from a feeding standpoint, but also from an economic point of view and it is easy to purchase and feed READ MORE>>


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Larry Lairmore, Lairmore Beefmasters Foreman, AR
“I have been using Mix 30 for about ten years now on my cow-calf herd. I think the key to Mix 30’s success is the 10% fat it contains, as it provides my cattle the extra energy needed for rebreeding. I love that it requires very little labor and that my cows only eat it when the quality of the forage or hay becomes low. I have been in the […]
O. B. Utley, Utley Cattle
I have been feeding Mix 30 for several years and I keep the product out for my cows year around. I find that it’s more advantageous to do that because it takes a minimum amount of labor, it is also less expensive and it is better for the cows as in the protein is available at all times. It is also a good product for their calves, because they start […]
Phillip and Alan Bridges, Bridges Angus
There is a long list of the reasons to use Mix 30! Our cattle haven’t lost any body condition in the two plus years we’ve used Mix 30, even with poor quality hay! We keep Mix 30 out year around and they only eat it when something is lacking in their diet such as good forage quality or minerals. It’s a great measuring stick for where our cattle are and […]
Jared Wareham
I began using Mix 30 over two years ago as a regular component of our cowherd nutritional program. It is not often that you can say this, but Mix 30 is one product that we use where we can see the benefits. No “snake oil” or empty promises, just clear cut results. Lowry City, Missouri
Troy Carter, Triple C Cattle Company
Convenience, versatility, performance, and compatibility are just a few highlights in our dossier of reasons why Mix 30 is our primary nutritional supplement. We are a five-generation deep seedstock operation located in some very unforgiving and unpredictable country. Having included liquid feeds in our program for over 40 plus years, has given us the opportunity to sample and verify results of other brands. To date, no other has given us […]
Western Livestock Commission Company Oklahoma City, Oklahoma & Throckmorton, Texas
“We have been using Mix 30 for over 15 years on our wheat grazing operation and for our cowherd. We have found it is instrumental in controlling bloat on our yearlings grazing wheat. Plus,  we see an average of 1/4 to 1/3 lb. of additional gain on cattle supplemented with Mix 30. For $.15/head/day cost, we feel it is a great investment on the return we get at the end […]
Jeff Jackson, Jackson Cattle Co.
With the reoccurring drought and limited feed resources we have experienced in Texas, we have relied heavily on Mix 30 to get us through the hard struggle of feeding our cows. Mix 30 has been instrumental in providing a low cost protein and energy source for our herd. We have tried other liquid feeds in the past, yet most fail in comparison to Mix 30’s palatability and tank life. We strongly […]
Will & Steve Andras, Andras Stock Farm, Manchester, IL
“We have supplemented with Mix30 for years and we find it to be a beneficial, economical, and a great balance to our summer fescue pastures and winter cornstalk grazing. Our Red Angus cattle stay in good flesh and their pregnancy/breed-back rates are high, even among our first-calf heifers.  When used in conjunction with a good mineral program, offering free-choice Mix30 fortifies lower-digestible forages, aids in forage utilization and overall herd […]
Luke & Chuck Lemenager, Lemenager Cattle
We really believe in Mix 30. We think it covers our gaps in nutrition, whether it’s due to environmental issues or roughage quality. We also believe it adds to calf vigor on our young cows. We feed it year round. Hudson, Illinois
Lorenzo Lasater, Isa Beefmasters, LLC
Switching to Mix-30 brought a number of hoped-for results, including reasonable cost, good body score conditions and easy access for all cattle, even timid cows and young calves. But the thing that was most surprising was the improvement in breed-ups. I noticed a solid 3 – 5% shift in pregnancy rates that I can only attribute to Mix-30. San Angelo, Texas
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Live Cattle Futures Report for the week of 12/19/14 via Blue Reef Agri-Marketing

Futures exploded lower and initially traded right through support. What was support, should now become resistance. And once again Feeder Cattle led the drive lower, and did not give up the ship until the CME expanded limits. We are expecting this rally to be dependent on feeder cattle in the near term. We will likely hold our option positions as the market is below the 100 bar, but will start […]


Dealer Feature – Buster Stuber

Buster Stuber is located in Opheim, MT and has been a customer of MIX 30 for 7 years.  After using MIX 30 on his Red Angus cows in 2008, Buster seen the benefits it brought to his cow herd so he started dealing MIX 30.  You can contact Buster at 406-762-7025!