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Liquid feeds are increasing in popularity because they minimize capital required for equipment and labor inputs. Ranchers using liquid feeds do not have to drive to the pastures to feed everyday. In addition, livestock owners that have jobs in town are able to utilize liquid feeds to provide a constant supply of nutrition when they are not able to be at the ranch on a daily basis.

As a result of Mix 30’s popularity, we are always looking to add dealers and distributors to our growing family. Below we have outlined some basic requirements, as well as some items to take into consideration. You will find that selling Mix 30 is a rewarding experience, and something that can be done part-time or full-time depending on your level of commitment.

Full Truckload Requirements:

Storage Tanks – 6,000 gallons of storage
Pump Motor – Centrifugal or Positive Displacement 
Delivery Tank Circulation
Distribution Lines – 2 or 3 inch

What are the costs involved in setting up as a dealer? Storage tanks are typically the largest expense for someone that is new to handling liquid feeds. Tank prices range depending on geographic location and tank availability. Storage tanks can be steel, poly or fiberglass. Feeders, pumps, hoses, and plumbing are typically found on most farms/ranches or can be easily obtained at relatively low prices Who makes a good MIX 30 dealer?

Successful MIX 30 dealers have a wide array of ag-related backgrounds. The most ideal candidates interact with the farm and ranch community on a regular basis. These candidates include feed stores, livestock brokers, feed mills, cooperatives and ranchers.
Successful MIX 30 dealers tend to educate their customers and let the product sell itself due to the many benefits that MIX 30 can provide a rancher. Many dealers find that the benefits of MIX 30 quickly spread in an area due to customer word of mouth. We have found this to be the main reason for our success.

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Agridyne works closely with its network of dealers to provide sales materials and educational bulletins with the latest research and news in ruminant nutrition.