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Mix 30 is not just the latest fad in a long list of nutritional products for livestock. The supplement is primarily fed to ruminant livestock across the country. However, it’s the producers who feed it that do the product’s best advertising. Mix 30’s success history is documented not by sales, but producers, who use it daily in there own feeding rations.

Mix 30 liquid feed is a “high energy” protein supplement created from a combination of corn and soy based co-products. In 1993, it was developed by Agridyne, LLC and today is marketed in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. The dealers are positioned across the U.S. with ten manufacturing facilities, 12 rail-offloading facilities and an extensive distribution network.

It’s unmatched versatility and easy feeding ability gives Mix 30 the upper hand in all ruminant diets. It can be fed in open-top, free choice containers, or mixed into hay or grain total mixed rations. Mix 30 is easy, convenient and has a low labor requirement, which makes it even more desired by livestock owners. Cattle operations of all segments have found Mix 30 to be the key to improving quality and adding to the bottom line of their operations.

Mix 30 contains ingredients that research has shown to enhance reproductive performance and increase calf survivability and performance. Mix 30’s nutrient combination is designed to help the animal utilize forages, especially poor quality forages, more efficiently.

If you raise ruminant livestock, then you will want to consider adding Mix 30 to your nutritional program. It has many advantages from a feeding standpoint, but also from an economic point of view and it is easy to purchase and feed.

We invite you to study its applications and visit with a dealer near you about incorporating it into your operation.