What is Mix 30?  

Mix 30 Liquid Feed is a “high energy” protein supplement created from a combination of corn and soy based co-products. This proprietary blend of ingredients results in a palatable, consistent, nutrient-rich product that supplies a judicious combination of both protein and energy for all ruminent diets.

Most liquid fermentation co-products are lacking nutritionally in one or more aspects. Agridyne combines these ingredients in a manner that overcomes these inadequacies, and in doing so takes full advantage of each ingredient’s positive nutritional attributes. In addition to their nutritional inadequacies, these Did You Know?  No Urea or Molassesliquid fermentation co-products are also very inconsistent. To overcome this problem, Agridyne employs large batch technology in its manufacturing process, effectively eliminating the variability inherent in each individual ingredient.

Mix 30 was developed as an alternative to the traditional molasses liquid feed. Mix 30 has the versatility to be used in a wide variety of feeding situations. Agridyne’s goal in developing Mix 30 was to produce a quality product that was economical to use, palatable to the animal, nutritionally superior and consistent than the individual ingredients that were available on the market.

Agridyne experimented and researched over 60 different combinations of the various ingredients that were on the market at the time. Eventually, the field was narrowed to two blends, and after extensive field trials, it was determined that blend #30 was the ideal ingredient combination, able to provide a wide range of benefits in all segments of the cattle industry. The product was fittingly labeled “Mix 30” and the rest is history.

Unlike other liquid feeds that utilize crude protein from either “all natural” sources or extremely high non-protein nitrogen sources (NPN), Mix 30 incorporates a judicious combination of both natural and NPN protein from the individual ingredients. The result is a unique combination of protein from a variety of sources that is more practical and efficient than one single source.

Because Mix 30 utilizes fermentation co-products from the production of starch from corn grain, it contains a very low level of starch. This low starch content makes it very desirable for use as a non-starch energy source in finishing rations, promoting lower ration starch levels, reducing the probability of rumen acidosis. The type of carbohydrates in Mix 30 are also ideal for ruminants on forage based rations, providing a carbohydrate energy source that is very compatible with rumen forage microbes.

Another key component to the Mix 30 blend is the addition of a unique vegetable fat. Because fat contains 2.25 times more energy than carbohydrate, it is an excellent source of energy. The 10% fat level in Mix 30 can meet the optimum dietary level for fat when used as a ration conditioner. Furthermore, producers do not have to worry about the vegetable fat in Mix 30 becoming rancid, as with other fat sources. In addition, the type of fat in Mix 30 has been shown to play an important role in reproduction and immune function.

Mix 30 is fortified with AqTrition trace minerals and vitamins. Using a patented process, AqTrition trace minerals are reacted with organic acids, resulting in mineral elements with extremely high bioavailability and complete water solubility. AqTrition trace minerals and vitamins will not settle out, and will remain completely dispersed throughout the feed.

The development of Mix 30 “broke the mold”, providing the feed industry with a high quality alternative to the traditional molasses based liquid feed. With Mix 30, Agridyne has achieved its goal of supplying the feed industry with a versatile, economical, palatable, consistent and nutritionally sound product that can be used in a wide variety of feeding situations.

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